The Vokal VLR502 is an innovative, sophisticated system, yet with a very easy-to-use design. Simply plug the battery into the handheld transmitter and turn it on. The batteries can be recharged right at the receiver's USB front-panel port or at any other USB charging device. Two regular AA batteries may also be used if needed, with the included adapters.



- PLL reception system
- Sensitivity: 60dB Signal/Noise ratio (12 dBU)
- Frequency response: 50Hz-20 KHz
- Signal/Noise ratio: >100dB
- Voltage: 100-240V

Microphone / Transmitter
- RF output: 30mW
- Cartridge: Dynamic, unidirectional
- Average usage time: up to 6 hours of continuous use

Package Contents
1x Receiver
2x Handheld microphone / transmitters
2x Rechargeable Lithium batteries
2x Adapters for use with AA batteries
1x AC Power adapter
1x Carrying case