The Vokal VLA-42 is a frequency-agile system with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use design. Simply plug the battery into the handheld transmitter, turn it on and the receiver and transmitter will synchronize automatically. The receiver can also be powered by a USB battery, making it a completely portable system. The batteries can be recharged at the provided AC adapter or at any other USB charging device or port.

-UHF dual handheld wireless system
-16 selectable frequency channels on each transmitter
-Automatic synchronization between transmitter and receiver
-Individual audio outputs for each microphone
-Individual output volume level controls for each microphone
-Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz
-Power requirements:
   Transmitter: 1 USB Lithium battery or 2 AA batteries
   Receiver: AC power adapter or 1 USB Lithium battery